Dry Baby, maintain temperature & start clock
2cm thick folded towel under shoulders
5 Inflation breaths (air / 30%O2 / 100%O2)
Continue ventilation at 30 breaths per min

Assess HR every 30 sec (<60, 60-100, >100)
If HR<60 ventilate for 30 sec
Ratio 3:1
SpO2 and ECG monitoring
Check for acceptable preductal saturation (2min 60%, 3min 70%, 4min 80%, 5min85%, 10min 90%)
Laryngoscope blades 0, 1
Suction catheter 12-14Fr <20kPa
ETT 2.5-4.0mm
Bicarbonate 2-4ml/kg 4.2%
Glucose 2.5ml/kg 10% then 100ml/kg/day 10%
Ventilation problems: DOPE, mask, tube, right bronchus, blocked tube, increase I:E, increase O2, pneumothorax, CHD, anaemia, hypovolaemia.
Discontinue if >10min, <23wks or <400g


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